Holy Land Violence Creates Orphans

An urgent email sent recently to Hal Jones, President of GHNI, from a GHNI leader in the *Holy Land stated:

“In the disaster area...more than 500 people are killed, 3500 injured, and ninety thousand people left their homes and evacuated up to this moment...there is lack of emergency medicine in hospitals. Everything you offer, it helps. Many children are orphans without families.

“A doctor says, ‘I was helping a kid, 6 years old, and was asking a lady, his neighbor who was with him at the hospital, where this kid is going after his treatment. This kid lost all his family and has no where to go. Homeless.’ There are many real stories like this.”

GHNI has a team on the ground in the midst of these tragic times. They have just begun working alongside *10th Leper Village and are also helping those in the surrounding area affected by recent outbreaks of violence. Our team in the Holy Land are working hard to bring help to as many of the injured, orphaned, and widowed as possible; providing essential medicine, food, and water.

Water Quenches Hopelessness

Water is essential to life. Whether affected by a disaster or cyclical extreme poverty, no clean water means disease, death, and no hope. Villagers in many areas of the world have unified their community through the effort of obtaining this vital element.

In Afghanistan villagers have installed miles of pipes to direct mountain spring water to their village center.

In Indonesia villagers built tanks next to each of their homes to collect rain water.

In Nepal villagers dug a well by hand so their wives and daughters didn’t have to walk through dangerous areas to collect water.

In Kenya, villagers overcame tribal conflict and combined their knowledge and resources to have access to clean water.

Bottled water is an essential item included in the disaster relief packages provided to victims of recent conflict in the Middle East. Without it, food or medicine only helps so much. Many victims of disasters suffer from disease due to unclean water, or lack thereof, in these areas. Access to clean water is a fundamental aspect of life which GHNI takes very seriously.

Join us in helping the orphans and widows in the Holy Land by donating a relief package of food, medicine, and water today!