Home is Not Survivable

Yazidi Internally Displaced People (IDP), Disaster Relief


I recently visited some groups of the Yazidi Internally Displaced People (IDPs) to check on their current circumstances. In fact, their town Shingal (or Sinjar) was rescued, but the town had been completely destroyed. There is no fresh water and electricity, and there are still bombs not completely deactivated. Therefore, the people don’t think it’s good to return home. A few men returned to trade with Iraq and Syria because Shingal is a town near the Syrian border.


After I asked the Shingal people about their needs, they said that they need fresh, cold water because the weather is very hot now--almost 50° C (nearly 122°F). The heat made the water in barrels become very hot, even too hot to shower in. They also asked for continued help with their daily needs especially, such as flour, sugar, tea, rice, and a refrigerator to make ice to cool the water. They thanked GHNI for buying milk, chicken, and seeds for them.



GHNI Disaster Relief Worker