Honing Hairdressing Skills

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


We are focusing on every aspect of life and trying to give our best. After cleanliness, clean water, and developing good healthy habits, we are now thinking about good looks. Villagers have the mentality that looking good and presentable is not important for them, but this time, we are making an effort to help them think along this line—“have a good look.”

A barber from Dhoker Jhara Village named Lapit does hair dressing for all the men and children in the village. He takes 10 rupees (about $0.16) from each person for hair cutting, which is not enough for him to sustain his family with this profession. We have talked to him and gave him the idea of going to town to get some tips from men’s parlors, so that he can develop his skills and earn more than what he is earning now. He will go after completing the harvesting work in the field.