Hooray for Harowayo!

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Harowayo is a Transformational Community Development (TCD) village located in the country's south. The villagers there grow a variety of vegetables during the dry season. The last two months have been busy in Harowayo. Because it is the rainy season now, it is not a good time to grow vegetables. As a result, they're smothering the farmland in mezze. They anticipate a fantastic harvest!  Following the collection of the product, the Income Generation Committee will seek a market to sell it.


TCD Update

  • Water – The Water Committee is introducing different water filters. These help the community to get clean water for drinking and cooking. Besides this, the Water Committee is preparing grounds for irrigation which will be helpful for agricultural purposes.
  • Food – To grow vegetables, the Agriculture Committee employs a different drip irrigation method. Because water is scarce in the area, the TCD coach assists them with this method.
  • Income Generation – The Income Generation Committee uses a variety of activities. They have recently opened a tea and bread store for the villagers. Their activities are expanding, as is their income.
  • Education – Schools are now opened throughout the country, so the Education Committee encouraged village leaders and parents to send their children to school.
  • Wellness – The Harowayo Village Wellness Committee is working hard with the community by building 13 latrines in the village. They also gave training to 17 villagers.

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