Hope and Healing

Valuable lessons on the power of words help bring a message of hope to young and old alike in this update from Farhan and Lydia, GHNI National field leaders in Egypt.

Helwan Village, Egypt

A mother brought her 25 years old daughter to be checked, because she was suffering from varicose veins in her leg. After we help her, we are encouraged that she had amazing healing and her legs became very good. She also now has hope.

We distributed sweets, soap, and towels to all children.

We presented the subject to children about to say good words from our mouth and not to say bad words from our mouth. We presented the subject about thanks, teaching them to be thankful for many things such as health, food, father and mother, friends, and other things. Finally, we presented the subject about telling truth and not to lie.

We plan to distribute 150 bags, including school supplies. We will teach about not doing wrong things and how to do what’s right.