Hope in Difficult Situations

Yavan, Tajikistan


It has been a very difficult couple of months, personally. As a matter of fact, my father, Sasha, had a stroke. I am very thankful to the GHNI family for all the support during this time. I want to say thank you to each person in the world who has helped Sasha.


Our work in Tajikistan doesn’t stop and we do all things to give help and hope to those in need. Even through the situation with my father, we want to tell the amazing things that have happened.


There was one woman from our village whose son also had a stroke. With the help of Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers, she was able to find hope in this difficult situation.


In general, our work in the villages is going very well. We have made good progress in each village. We continue our Sewing Project, selling our production in Tajikistan. We have also asked someone to help us sell our production in Hujand.


In the district where we work specifically, we have had to wait because of the war that started at the end of April.


In another village, we now have a very good Person of Peace. He is also a policeman and many villagers respect him. He is not just a Man of Peace but he is like a local Champion in the area. He helps our new TCD worker in many ways and we can make it all legal with his help. Another TCD worker provides Russian language classes and works with children.


With research and good future project ideas, we are looking forward to helping our villages graduate and make them independent in all five areas of TCD, such as Water, Food, Education, Wellness, and Income Generation.   


Thank you!



GHNI Partner Volunteer