Hope for Each Person

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

The Ladies of Ezbit el Nakhl

Every Wednesday, we have ladies meeting in Ezbit el Nakhl Village, where we teach different lessons on social, psychological, and moral topics. We also make sure to have fun together by arranging for picnics. We believe it is so necessary for them to have this fun and restful time, because they live a hard life, spending all their time sorting garbage. Even for just one day, we try to take them away from their daily routine to do something fun and different.

Last week, we arranged a trip for the ladies and their children to go to a swimming pool. It was such a special day. They enjoyed swimming and eating together.

Janet is one of the ladies who joins our weekly meetings each Wednesday. She was going through a hard time since she had her accident. One of her legs was broken and the other one was lacerated. She had been complaining because she spent her whole summer getting treatments, having surgeries, and having tests. This trip made a huge difference to her and she was happy. At the end of the trip, she said, “I felt so much love in a practical way.” We got the chance to share with her an encouraging message of hope and love, for which she was most grateful.

The Children of Ezbit el Nakhl

Mohammad, a very intelligent eleven-year-old boy, helps his parents in their small restaurant. Sometimes he refuses to work and instead goes to the Internet shop to play games with his friends.

One day, his mom met with me and started to complain about him. She mentioned that they do not know what to do or how to deal with him. Mohammad acted rebellious and didn’t want to hear their words, though sometimes his father would punish him and beat him. They wondered if it was more than rebellion and were afraid it would be mental or psychological problems. They want to take him to a doctor to check. While she was asking her neighbors, one of the ladies told her to go to Azmi, who works with children. She did so, indeed, as she came to me to ask for help.

I asked her to bring her son to the lessons we were going to teach about social development. Mohammad started to attend, and we discovered how smart he is. He learns and discusses during the lessons.

Because of his father’s punishments, he became unsocial. We hope he keeps coming in order to learn how to communicate better with his family. His father prevents him from coming to these classes, as he needs him to work with him in the restaurant, even though he is still a small child.

GHNI National Field Leader