Hope for the Holidays: Yazidi Education

This Christmas season, we invite you to partner with us on a big project in the Middle East, a region we know you have compassion for. Just like your past gifts to Global Hope Network, your support for this project will directly offer help and hope to villagers who need it most.


The Situation

The Yazidi people have become refugees in their own homeland of Iraq. In the past five years, many Yazidis have been tortured, abused, robbed, and even killed by extremist groups. They have had to flee their homes and set up camps in more secure areas of Iraq and surrounding countries.


The Problem

At the camp where GHNI serves Yazidi refugees, there is no school. The closest school for refugees is too far for the children at this camp to travel each day.

For the Yazidi families we have relationships with, many of their children have been out of school for four full years. The learning gap is growing wider each day, and the children's futures could be gravely affected.


The Solution

You are invited to be part of the solution! Global Hope Network plans to help the Yazidis fundraise for a van so that they can transport their children to school. During the school day, the children's parents can also use the van as a taxi service to generate much-needed income.

By attending school and receiving help with supply costs, these children will have hope for their futures and be able to follow their dreams of meaningful jobs and impact on society. This help and hope will transform the lives of Yazidi refugees working to find solutions to their extreme poverty.


How You Can Help

Provides school supplies for 1 child in the Yazidi Village

Provides a box of relief supplies for 1 Yazidi family

Supports overall costs to purchase the school vans