Hope for an Orphan

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

Our new Empowerment Centre, for girls and women from the villages, has really been of great help to many youths who have no hope or help. Nuria is 19 years old. She lives with her relatives after she lost both her parents ten years ago.

Nuria's dream was cut short as she remained orphaned and poor. She has had no support from anybody except the free primary education which enabled her to complete up to grade eight. But due to lack of school fees, Nuria never managed to go on to secondary school. Early marriage is commonly practiced in such situations, but Nuria turned to be lucky after she got support from GHNI and recently enrolled in our Empowerment Centre. She is taking the tailoring course. Nuria is now learning the skills and knowledge which will change her life for better and she will soon make her living this way.

Nuria is so grateful to GHNI and its partners for considering and giving her the opportunity to transform her life and restoring hope in her!


GHNI TCD Worker, Kenya