Hope Overflowing

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


In July, our Garden of Peace and Hope looks fresh and beautiful with blooming roses. The Garden was calm and peaceful with no exhibitions in June due to Ramadan. In the coming months, I have scheduled four to five exhibitions. I am waiting for the gallery building to be prepared for the staff to move in soon. Everything is going well in the Garden with super-hot summer days.


I am looking for young artists from remote areas of the city to bring to the Garden, exhibit their work, and promote them to the public. We have many visitors who request events such as poem night. Meanwhile, the gardener continues to be active and work hard. New roses were planted that will bloom beautifully next year.  



GHNI Director of the Garden of Peace & Hope


*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Karem” is a pseudonym for the person involved in this project.