Hope to Survive Drought

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


August through October is the main rainy season in the Borena area. The expected rain did not arrive during the expected season, and now a widespread drought plagues this area. Several cattle started dying as the entire water pond became dry, so villagers started to migrate with their cattle to seek water and pastures in another area.


In Didi Hara Village, we have a project running with two agricultural groups, and each group has 12 members. Even in this difficult situation, the groups are working hard and economically using ground water to produce vegetables and fruit trees.


GHNI-Ethiopia bought a water pump and collected the water in a big plastic container. Using the drip method, they then watered the plantation. Villagers from surrounding areas come for water from this pump. Due to the drought, government leaders visited the village, so all the Transformational Community Development (TCD) groups worked hard to show how they are growing different vegetables. The leaders were surprised that despite the widespread drought problem, these village groups have valid hope of surviving it.