Hope for a Widow’s Family

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia

By just this second report for our new project in Didi Hara Village, already all five committees have been formed for the five areas of Transformational Community Development (TCD). All the committees have begun functioning in the village, including the income generation committee. There are a total of 12 women selected to collaborate with the Kebele leaders, elders of the community, and our GHNI-Ethiopia field workers.

All of these twelve selected women are widows and five of them are HIV positive. One of the women in this group named Seku is a 29-year-old widow with three children. Seku’s husband died four years ago. She is very happy to be a part of the income generation committee, and she hopes to change her life by working hard with her group members. She received three goats from GHNI. Additionally, she is a member of agriculture committee. Seku is preparing to change her life and her family’s life, as well.