Hope for Women Through Literacy

Refugees in Lebanon


The ladies' program at the House of Sarah is fighting and tackling illiteracy. We are aiming to empower these ladies with skills that will change their lives and their community!


As I was talking to one of the ladies, I asked, "If you had the opportunity to be a part of an international class where you and ladies from around the world studied the same material and had the same training, then after graduating, each one of the ladies held an executive management or governmental post in their country, what do you think you would have become?!"


Her eyes sparkled and she enthusiastically replied, "Then I would have had similar potential and I would have held a similar post in my country and made the changes I see necessary!"


Therefore, it is not the lady's fault that she was born in Syria and into this cultural, political, and social situation. If she or any of these refugees were born in another country then their life would have been completely different. This is why these unfortunate people are looking to us to give them a hand up. We are the lucky ones, who enjoy a much better standard of living, higher education, and better resources.


By educating them, we are enhancing their ability to communicate, to read, to analyze, and to develop themselves. When they are developed, their culture will develop accordingly. Only then will they be able to drive their country forward to true freedom.

GHNI Representative