Hoping for a Brighter Future

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

This month was special for us as we had several lunches which were made by the Steven Team. *Mahdi is one of the Steven Team members and he has been with GHNI for one year. He is married and has one son and two daughters. Mahdi is from Basra, in Iraq, and has been in Jordan for four years. He was working as a driver for an American company, but he left Iraq because of being threatened for his beliefs. He was afraid for his family, so he decided to come to Jordan with his parents and his brother.

His parents have moved to Australia, thankfully, but he and his brother are still here. He is hoping to go to Australia to be with his parents. He has applied multiple times and he's been rejected each time. That is so frustrating for him, but Mark keeps believing and hoping for the good. He wants the best future for his children and really longs for them to continue their education.

Mahdi’s wife is a good cook. She made a yummy Iraqi meal called “Tipsy” for some of our friends and volunteers. We covered the cost of the meal to show our appreciation and help the family. Mahdi and his family are so loving, and their company is really nice. He is a very giving man and is hopeful for the future. We hope that doors will open for him and his family.

GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Mahdi” is a pseudonym for an individual being helped by this project.