House of Esther Hosts TCD Training

Spitak, Armenia


TCD Training


We recently had a much needed Transformational Community Development (TCD) training at the House of Esther. The main speaker was Jeff Latsa and the training was tranlated into the  Armenian language by an interpreter.

More than 35 people from Spitak and all over Armenia took part. Among the participants were also two Iranian-Armenians and an English pastor.

Mr. Latsa presented a professional and helpful TCD training. The participants were excited and inspired during the group discussions, and they expressed their willingness to go back and begin development projects. Some groups came up with seed projects and took responsibility to implement them. 

There were village leaders who were touched by the “river crossing” illustration. As they mentioned, even thirty years after the earthquake, they kept giving relief to people instead of training them in development. This created unhealthy dependencies. The training illustration helped them to understand the difference between relief and development!

Now we have the participants’ contacts and hope to follow up and arrange meetings from time to time.


Home Visits


We visited a family of seven living in a container house--a single mother with six children. They all live in a two-room container. They have only three beds and a few other furnishings to use.

These children barely survive during the day, as most of the time they don’t have enough to eat. The mother sometimes physically abuses her children and many nights she disappears and leaves the children home alone.

The health of this family is very poor, and the kids do not even know simple hygiene practices. This causes them to have lots of sickness.

When we visited them, the children showed us their pets. They had a small kitten, a dog and two hamsters. As they were speaking about their pets, we noticed the love and care in their eyes.

We decided to give them five chickens for now and, if they do a great job in taking care of them, then we will give them five more in future months. We were able to meet an Iranian man who used to have a chicken farm and he said he could help them and build a small chicken coop for them.

We pray that this development project can help these children to learn something new. This can also be a door to reach out for other hopeless families in the area. Right now, we have hopt that this family to be able to get the funds for the chickens and some construction materials for the chicken coop.


Parenting Course


As we assessed the community, we saw a great need for adults to be educated in parenting. We formed a committee with some locals, the Uzbek community helper, and  Steve from England to start a Parenting Course in the area.

We had several meetings and prepared the curriculum and lesson plans for this vital course. Invitations in the Armenian language were distributed for this five week study. Parents are now attending a nice, cozy environment with a friendly time to drink coffee or tea together. Next, there’s an hour for teaching and discussing, as we want this course to be interactive. 


The House of Esther


We met Vince after the training again and discussed future plans. There were also volunteers from Switzerland who came to help in the garden at the House of Esther.



Quarterly TCD Progress Update

  • Food- Five food boxes
  • Education- During home visits and one on one
  • Wellness- Mobile clinic


Thank you!


GHNI Regional Field Leader