House of Sara Boys’ Club Transforms Lives

Refugees in Lebanon


“It takes more than just birthdays for boys to become men”, a main slogan that together, as a boys’ club committee, we have considered as a new mentality to work on. We believe that we can work on many different aspects of an individual’s life to change them into more mature, respectful and educated men. We share different backgrounds and different mentalities, and every individual respects the others and understands that every one of us is different and has a different mindset. 


In this report you will find the main activities we are doing as the new boys’ committee. 



Once a week, and for three hours, they’re having a football class with a professional coach and his team. The classes are taken inside of the House of Sara football yard, and, once a month, we’re taking them to play against other teams on other playgrounds. Also, twice a week, the boys are coming back to the centre in the afternoon to play football with one of the programme’s leaders, for two hours every Monday and Wednesday. 


Computer Classes 

Computer classes started a long time ago. Some of the students have graduated from first to second level and from second to third. New boys have signed up, and some of them are still in the first level. We believe that this is the last month before they go to a new level. 



Finally, and the most important part, is the fellowship that we’re having all day all week. They know that they can share whatever they feel and whatever they want to say at any time. Part of the day is dinner and, in that time, we talk and they share some of their stories and emotions, and this shows the kind hearts inside of them.


Boys’ Committee 

Recently the boys gathered, and we elected the new president, the financial director and the social director. There is a committee of three boys for the whole 20 boys’ groups. 


On the same day, they changed some of the rules of how to be part of the boys’ club. They decided the red flags to remove someone from the club and discussed how they will do the financial groups. They keep record of all these details in their booklet called “THE BOYS LAWS”. 


Every Monday, they’re giving an equal amount of money to the Financial Director (with supervision), but not more than $4. On Wednesday, as the programme states, one of the boys will get 60% of the amount of the money gathered on Monday. The 40% stays in the office under our and the whole committee’s supervision. 


We were hoping that at least after a month this money will let us go get some ice cream together, which is an achievement for them to pay for themselves! 


The committee is planning some events and activities for the boys that are being shared in a meeting every Wednesday. A new boys’ committee will be elected in the coming months. 


Many activities are being planned for, and many other boys are getting to know more about this club and wanting to join. They all really appreciate all of the support you are providing. Thank you!


Recent activities: trauma camp for girls, trauma camp for boys, training retreat for the volunteers and staff, women and babies gathering, cross stitch group (12 girls will graduate from this course at the end of this month),  Education programme for 48 students, dental clinic, medical clinic, hot meal for 100 persons five days a week, providing 400 food baskets for the needy families, and 12 boys will graduate from the carpentry workshop soon.  


Thank you,


GHNI Partner