How to Get Involved on United Nations Day

Today, October 24, is United Nations Day: A day to celebrate unity and opportunity through the United Nations.

It is the perfect time to start thinking about world leaders who will be attending the 2019 Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP), a GHNI event in partnership with UNITAR.


What is GILPP?

The Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP) was established by GHNI to help leaders transform their nations toward prosperity and liberty. The vision for the GILPP is to promote public policy created by enlightened and compassionate public leadership.

The principal international initiative of this institute is to offer an intensive summer workshop on critical, contemporary issues, both global and national.


Where & when is GILPP?

June 18-21, 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland


How can you support leaders from developing nations who will be attending GILPP?

GHNI has a scholarship fund to help leaders and delegates from developing nations who wish to attend. These participants have a strong desire to learn how they can help local people in their own countries end their extreme poverty.

Many of these leaders need help with registration costs, and in those cases, GHNI offers help from the scholarship fund.


You can donate to the scholarship fund now to help leaders from developing nations attend GILPP next year.