How Sewing Class Made a Dream Reality

Ezbit El-Nakhl Village, Egypt


My Dream Come True

We continued Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes within the framework of crafts training to increase income. Training was conducted for ten women. During the training, Nariman participated and said, “I was working on a project before I got married when I was young, but I did not have anyone to teach me. When I had the opportunity to join the TCD Women’s Group and sewing training, I did.


“I started learning and training on the sewing machine, and I am very happy. I am thinking of starting a small project of sewing bed sheets, buying a machine in installments, achieving my dream, and helping my husband to increase our income at home.


“But I dream of something bigger than that. I want to have a lot of employees, projects, and remain a business woman.”


I Will Drink Clean Water

A 9-year-old girl named Malak participated in TCD, sharing, "On our way to school, there is cold water and a plastic cup tied to a rope. The cup is dirty and there are flies standing on it. My friends and I used to drink from it.


“But after I heard a lesson about clean water, I decided to drink clean water. I shared the lesson with my friends –Maryam, Jumana, Yona, Junior, and Julia, and each of us brings a bottle of water from our homes.”


Thank you,

Azmy, Hanaa, Miriam
GHNI TCD Workers