Human Trafficking Class Inspires Women

Chainpur Village, Nepal


In October, after the COVID-19 lockdown, I prepared a new Income Generation team and instructed them in the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Income Generation lessons. After some months, we plan to provide them with goats. Goat-keeping is very good income work and there is no risk of losing the investment. There is also no need for a big amount in the beginning. Because of TCD, many villagers are involved in poultry farming and facing marketing problems. This time, I taught people to be creative, to do new work or different income work that causes no marketing problem and loss. This month, we formed a goat-keeping team and taught them the necessary lessons. 


With the cooperation of another help organisation and a local community, we taught a class about human trafficking and women's rights for the people of the community. All the participants were happy with the lessons they learnt. As a result, many women became powerful and educated about their rights. Many women decided to do income work in their own country and not abroad where they might be trafficked. After listening to our participants, we were so happy because this teaching was extremely needed and important for their lives. TCD is always teaching people to be self-sustaining.


I met with the TCD committee and have evaluated our work. We discuss TCD strategy and plans, and how TCD volunteers and committees play roles. It was an exciting and encouraging meeting for us to do TCD work in the future. Our TCD committee and volunteers are helping the TCD programme. Similarly, I have also met with different TCD Income Generation teams at different times. I taught all the teams to save money, to provide a good Education for their children and to take good care of the children, Wellness, and their Income. Overall, the villagers have had success with TCD. The Income Generation team improved their finances. This time, we discussed community problems and challenges. Many people said that they have no seed or money to do the income work as they wanted. If they got more seed and money, there would have been great works and transformations in the community by the TCD movement. We discussed banking loans but they have a high interest rate, so it is impossible to get benefits from the bank. Overall, this month's work has been good. I hope our work has brought satisfaction. Thank you.


Success Story

 This is the story of Kalpitha* and her family. They live in the Chainpur Village of the Makawanpur district. By doing the TCD programme, we have been able to change her life. She and her husband both were alcoholics. The villagers were very sad and disturbed by their behaviour. Every day and night, after drinking alcohol, they used to fight with each other and cause a lot of disturbance in the neighbourhood. All the money that they earned by doing labor work, they wasted on alcohol. But after a long time of TCD teaching and meetings, they have now stopped being drunkards as before. Instead, they learnt to do some Income Generation work. For the last two months, they started keeping broiler hens. The first time, they kept hens in a leased space because they didn't have their own farm. But now they are making their own farm house for poultry farming. I helped them to do their income work and have provided them with money when they didn't have a sufficient amount. This way, with the TCD teaching and personal help, they became motivated to be involved in Income Generation. At the present, they have hope of becoming financially self-sustaining.


The story of one drunkard family changing into an income generation family has become an inspiration to all. 


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Kalpitha” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.