Hunting Builds Teamwork

Jatapara Village, India


Due to lockdown, most of the youth are in the village, so I decided to carry on with Transformational Community Development (TCD) work amidst the youth. I focussed on developing and strengthening a sense of unity among them. In order to motivate these youth to work in groups and to unify them, I joined their groups and participated in every activity. We went to the jungle to hunt, as most of the youth enjoy hunting. I was made the captain of the group; through this activity we developed skills by working in teams.


I also went to the place where they gather every evening. We talked about how our small actions can make a difference, and they were convinced of the idea. There were ditches around the place where they gathered, and the next day they filled in those ditches with soil without being asked to do so.


There was an electricity outage after a tree fell on a transmission line during a storm. The young men cut the tree and cleared the area around it, ensuring no trees or branches touched the transmission line. In this way, electricity was restored to the village. The boys were happy working as a group and making a difference.


The government of Jharkhand passed a plan for mango plantations. Our village is among the places where plantations are to be started, so we will be planting hundreds of grafted mango saplings soon. Sundar donated his land for the plantation, and pits have been dug and are ready and waiting for the saplings. The trees are expected to bear fruit within three years. There are many other plans that have been passed by the government, and we are encouraging the youth to work on them.


Many senior citizens in the village do not receive the old-age pension given by the government. Their applications have been sent to the officials so that they too may benefit from the old-age pension.


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