Husband-Wife Team Inspired by Devotion

Alishow Village, Ethiopia

Kitty and Ibrahim are a husband and wife living in Alishow Village, Ethiopia. Ibrahim is thirty-six and Kitty is twenty-eight years old. They have three children. When Ibrahim received Transformational Community Development (TCD) training from GHNI, he discussed what he learned with his wife, and both of them decided to change their lives. Besides the actual training, the couple commented that seeing the love and devotion of the TCD workers with GHNI inspired them to succeed.

Now this family has been getting income for the last three years from cooperative farm land and the vegetable garden in their back yard. The other day, Kitty explained to our TCD Worker that in years gone by, whenever school started, she never had money to buy school materials and uniforms for her children.

She went on to add, “But nowadays, I can fulfill whatever they want.” She continued, “Our life totally changed. We have enough money to live now. I have also engaged (in a) small business in the village. This is additional income for my family.”


GHNI TCD Worker, Alishow, Ethiopia