Hygiene Knowledge Put into Practice

Myat Hlae -- Rakhine State Villages, Myanmar


After the Transformational Community Development (TCD) concept was well received, our TCD model village put their new knowledge into practice as they continued to identify and meet their needs using local resources. Since last June, the committee leaders decided to start the sanitation project in response to clearly hearing the voice of the villagers. They had pointed out how the lack of toilets in the community brought diseases and how disgraceful it was for the community when visitors came. Using their knowledge and seeing the problem has made the sanitation project more successful.


Our village TCD committee has been supervising the project and the community has built 20 new toilets so far. The last two toilets were built in the Early Childhood Care and Development Center for the children for the purpose of transferring the good practice of using toilets to the next generation. The children are not comfortable using them, but their caregivers teach them and help them to use them properly. Later on, there is no doubt that those children will make it a habit and will influence the rest of the next generation in the community in the long run. There are around twenty children who will start using the toilet. Another toilet was built in a villager’s house this month. The TCD leaders and the toilet owners are impressed by the progress they are making, not just because of the result of the project, but in the KAP (Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices) change in the community.