Identifying Leaders for Change

Yagnob/Esanbay Villages, Tajikistan


Hello from Tajikistan! This month was very hot, but our team continued in their great work. At this stage of our work, we have some positives and some negatives. In Beshkent and Pushkin, it’s going well. In other villages, there are more challenges. In Beshkent we have a good worker, but he doesn’t have authority to bring change. We need a person who has authority there. I think we will start to work with Natalie, because she is a local champion in their district.


In Pushkin Village, I met three men. Two of them have enough authority, so it will be good if we start work there.


We recently met a family in Beshkent.  They are very poor and we helped them buy notes, pens, and books for the school year.  This is just one of many families we are helping and they are very happy. This little help gives them hope for the future.



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