Identifying with the Lessons

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl

Recently in our program for children, we presented a lesson about selfishness. During the lesson, a 12-year-old girl stood up and requested to share with us about her family. Jackeline felt the lesson was about her family exactly.


After the lesson, she stayed and told me about the miserable life she and her family are living. She said that she wanted to cry because each one in her family is selfish. “My father is always intolerant, throttled, and he talks to himself all the time because of the debts he has to pay. He's always cursing and hitting us, and he suffers with tumors. Always fighting with my mother, their voices are so loud. My big sister is always intolerant and so selfish as well. She takes the remote of the TV and doesn’t allow our little brother to watch anything. She hits him hard on his back and he always cries. He's five years old, but he still can't pee in the restroom, but on himself.”


Jackeline adds that when her father hits her, she feels that she doesn’t belong to this family. Continually cursing them inside her head, she wishes that they would die. She feels that she wants to escape from home to go to any other place. Jackeline feels if they were her family, they wouldn’t do that to her; but then she asked for God's forgiveness because she thought bad of them.


Her legs and stomach are always hurting, so her father took her to a doctor once. Jackeline took medicines, and then her father asked her if she was okay. She answered that she was fine, but she wasn’t because she was hiding a secret she couldn’t tell him about. She was sick, concealing a wrong in her life that she made with her sister and cousins.


The lesson was about selfishness, and all of her family is selfish. Jackeline wishes that all of her family will change for the better. She requested to stay in the organization center for the rest of the day, as she saw something different from her home here.


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl

In July we presented a lesson about patience to our weekly women’s group. After ten days, a woman called Narges learned the lesson very well and shared that she's so happy with the organization presenting these lessons, especially the one about patience. She felt she needed to hear about it and to learn how to apply it in her life.


Narges said that she is patient, but when she speaks, she's hasty and quick in responding to people, judging them. This even occurs with her relatives, neighbors, and friends. This has caused her so many problems, as most of the people get angry at her because of her hastiness and harsh words towards them. When she's angry, she becomes out of control and says words that hurt people. She was annoyed with herself, but after hearing the lesson, she kept working on herself and took care of every word she said. That made a better change in her life, and the people started to notice and accept her, becoming closer to her. She is thankful for our organization and what we teach, changing their lives.



GHNI National Field Leader