Identifying Problems and Offering Solutions in Polewali

Polewali Village, Indonesia


After some initial political barriers, this quarter we were finally able to publicly begin the Transformational Community Development (TCD) programme in Polewali.  We have begun weekly meetings with the help of the village head and other key people in the village.  This “vision seminar” consists of six meetings wherein two important TCD lessons are facilitated with the goal that the community will begin to grasp more deeply what TCD is all about. Our hope is that the vision seminar will conclude with the formation of a TCD committee in this village. 


Up to this point, we have conducted four meetings in which the community has enthusiastically discussed topics such as identifying their needs and resources, understanding the difference between aid and development, a holistic view of health, their dream village, and several other core topics.  Attendance has been consistent at about 15 villagers per meeting with the attempt to have all the different segments of the community represented.


The group identified their primary problem to be lack of Income Generation opportunities, leading to family separation and overall hardship.  Their secondary needs are more Water sources and better Education, followed by Health and Food.  


We feel that these meetings have not only been engaging and interesting for the attendees, but they have also allowed our training team to gain better insight into the lives and hopes of individuals in the community while strengthening our personal relationships with them.  We are looking forward to see how things go with committee formation and the beginning of community-initiated activities that will benefit the entire village.  


Many thanks to our partners, for your visit, and for walking with us through this process with understanding and common vision!


TDC Update

  • Water - Being discussed with the community – identified as the second greatest problem.
  • Food - Not yet identified as a felt need.
  • Income Generation - The coconut oil production facility continues to employee 10 people full-time and a handful of other part-time workers.  The economic impact for these families is beginning to show. Polewali Village has also begun to do TCD work with the Sendana Village by getting paid to peel cacao beans harvested from Sendana.
  • Education - Being discussed with the community – identified as the third greatest problem.
  • Wellness - Not yet identified as a felt need in the community, however, in the future, the training team will raise awareness and revisit the discussion.


Thank you!


Saadiyah, Indro, and Jeremy
Partner TCD Workers