Impactful Conference

The last three months were productive and we were able to finish several sustainability projects. These include covering the greenhouse, installing the outside old traditional clay oven, covering the roof leak over the mobile home, enlarging the vegetable-planting area, and advancing the water recovery system. Also, the crops of potatoes, various vegetables, and fruits have been harvested.


GHNI conducted a very special Million Village Challenge (MVC) conference and training under the leadership of GHNI founder Hal Jones. We invited a few local leaders and community representatives. We also visited a partner NGO and reviewed our commitment of cooperation and support to the House of Esther.


Our group visited the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Yerevan office and discussed the progress. They participated in our conference and asked us to help them in a few of their refugee centers, when possible. They recommended a few poor villages in Armenia for GHNI to offer training and implement the Million Village Challenge.


Mr. Jones introduced the idea of looking for a couple of English speakers to be trained in Transformational Community Development (TCD) as leaders, and to send them to Jordan or Egypt. We are working with local leaders for recommendations.


We thank the donors and GHNI team supporting this special location in the Middle East, as GHNI’s future training center of the region, housing the abused, victimized, and innocent families.


August was a special month for several accomplishments. Fruit and vegetable harvests were doubled, compared to last year. The refugees made jams and filled many jars for the coming winter. We have enlarged the cultivating area and finally covered the greenhouse, thanks to Mr. Dan’s friend’s donation. We also used the outside old-fashioned oven, donated by Mr. Jamal.


Thank you!

GHNI Partner Volunteer