Important Lessons

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


Many meetings were held this quarter and some of the women gave the lessons by themselves. One woman, Salwa, taught the other ladies about life’s purpose and the meaningful role they play in the world. After the training, Salwa shared how she felt very shy at first and couldn’t find her words. After she was finished teaching, she realized that she had an important role in the organization. This touched her heart and she has decided that she wants to help other ladies learn and grow as she has.


For the upcoming quarter, we plan to build upon many of the lessons covered last quarter, such as living a meaningful life, caring for our neighbors, treating one another with love and respect, communication, and overcoming loneliness. We plan to address some harder topics such as addictions, anger, failure and dishonesty. We also have some trips planned.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


We celebrated Eid al Fitr with a party this quarter and all of the children enjoyed themselves. Festivities included theatrical shows, children’s singing and dancing talent shows, and a session of children sharing what they had learned over the last three months. Marina, 13 years old, said she learned about the clean drinking water, how to keep the water free from contamination, and the health damage caused by unclean water. Passant, a 12-year-old girl, said she learned about the importance of vaccinations as it creates an army for the immune system in the human body. Joumana, ten years old, learned how to avoid electrical hazards, sharp tools, boiled water, chemical substances, and some games at home that may cause injury.

Some children also shared how they have grown and matured. Eleven-year-old Gerges said that he had learned to be gentle and not aggressive. Abd, only nine years old, said that he had learned to keep his promises, to make others trust him, and how to trust in the love and goodness of others. Nancy, 11 years old, told us that she has learned from the lessons she’s taken at the organization. She also shared that she has learned the importance of honesty, love, respect and keeping promises. Ten-year-old Joumana said that she has learned to love and respect her siblings, to keep calm, to maintain the systems, and to keep the house clean.


GHNI National Field Leader