Improving Children’s Lives

Hoogly Village, India


Community Development

This past quarter we decided to clean the small field in our locality where we held the sports event in the beginning of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) work in Hoogly Village. As we are talking about cleanliness, I suggested we clean our small playground, which is being used by car sellers, house builders, and others for their personal use. We decided to clean the small playground and hand it over to the community children to play there. This task will not be easy, but the community will do this for their betterment, because the awareness of the importance of a playground has been taught to them.  


Computer Centre


Meet Pranoy, who is a regular student at our computer center in Uttarpara. His father, Ratan, is a daily laborer and his mother, Laxmi, is a housewife. Pranoy is very good at his studies and will graduate in one year. He knew nothing about the computer and how to operate it. Last October he joined our computer center and now knows the basics, such as MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. He has a dream to grow up and do a job that sustains the family and to help the poor children in his society. Thank you, GHNI, for this opportunity to help this poor boy here in Uttarpara.


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