Improving Health through Education

Gem Village, Kenya


Wellness is one of the five key focus areas of GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD). The exchange of some useful skills and knowledge taught by GHNI staff has really changed the lifestyle of villagers in Gem Village. Some of the community members are working hard to practice all the preventive measures taught by TCD coaches to reduce the frequent sickness in children and adults. They are doing this in spite of their poverty, which doesn’t allow them enough money to pay for their medications. Sometimes villagers die at home after suffering a long illness. But currently, community health workers have raised the alarm to GHNI coaches to teach important lessons on hygiene and preventing sickness.


Mama Margret is one of the hardworking role models who is always on the frontline in practicing all she has learned. She is a single mother who lost her husband in the tribal clashes some years back. She loves community work and never misses the wellness class. Today, Mama Margret’s life has changed drastically. She has built her own latrine in her compound and is also the first woman to put a dish rack outside her kitchen, as taught by GHNI. She is thankful to her GHNI coaches for the helpful ideas that have positively changed her life.


We covered a number of important wellness lessons this month, including hygiene and cleanliness. We taught the importance of having a latrine and how to keep the compound clean by having a dust pit to burn the dirt. We also emphasized the importance of clearing brush from around the house, especially during the rainy season to help avoid malaria and to prevent snakes from hiding in bushes. Another lesson taught was the importance of pre- and postnatal care.