Improving Village Life and Welfare

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


In Dhoker Jhara Village, villagers are being inspired to increase their income. In tribal society, especially among the Santal, the salon (hair styling) business is considered taboo. They do not want to get involved in this field, as they think running salons are only for barbers. However, through Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons, they are taught that whoever wants may open a salon and they need not be a barber to do this. Now, villagers have accepted this profession and are ready to adopt it. *Manannew of Dhoker Jhara is about to complete his salon construction. As soon as it is complete, he will open his salon. From his business, we will observe how much may be earned through a salon business in a village.


Through TCD teaching, youths are being inspired that livelihood can be earned in the village, as well, and that they need not go out from the village to earn a good income. This can be done through farming and many other activities, like growing vegetables and doing business through it. In Dhoker Jhara, vegetables were mostly grown to sell, and they were rarely kept by the farming families. In TCD lessons, they are taught that vegetables can be used to improve health and immunity and to protect themselves from disease. Now they have started using these vegetables at home, too.




*For the purposes of well-being and safety, “Manannew” is a pseudonym for the indvidual being helped by this project.