Income and Education Improving

*Champion Village, Bangladesh


As we are doing Transformational Community Development (TCD) in two places, we saw a great change among villagers in different ways. Children’s education is improving, family development has improved, money is being saved, and living standards have changed. 


Local committee members have become more empowered. They are able to raise their voice about their rights to have a local government. We are very encouraged to see how TCD is impacting whole villages.


TCD Update

  • Water - Sixty-five youth and one-hundred-twenty children have been specially trained to teach the community how to use safe drinking water. Eight community tube wells have been repaired and a local platform has been built to look after the tube well.  As a result, we have seen sickness reduced.
  • Food - Some vegetables have become expensive and TCD group members have learnt about yard gardening and using local organic fertiliser to supplement quality nutrition. Because of this, we have seen TCD principles help with the food situation in the village.
  • Income Generation - TCD is helping two villages to build a self-help group approach where they save money every week and take loans by themselves to start a small business or farming. So they don't need to take high-interest loans from anyone. As a result, their income raised by 65 percent now.
  • Education - A total of 23 students participated in the final examination and every student got a satisfactory result. Three students were going to drop out, but the TCD group completely helped avoid it through group counselling. Now a movement has started among this village that every parent wants to send their child to school.
  • Wellness - Crime among children has significantly reduced. Parents and women in the group showed visible change in their behaviour.  Parental care has gotten better and the local influence of drugs has reduced.




*For the purposes of safety, “Champion Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.