Income Generation Eliminates Financial Problems

Ramantar Village, Nepal


Raadha’s* Success Story

“My name is Raadha*. I live in Manahari-7, Ramantar village. My family's financial situation was not good. My husband used to do labour work and I didn’t have any work to do for the family income. When   started in our village, I joined the classes and learnt so many things that I had never learnt before. I learnt to be healthy and self-sustaining. I started poultry farming and TCD provided me with Seed Money. I extended my poultry business and increased my income. I started saving some money from the poultry business. Later, I started goat keeping, as well, and my husband started to buy goats from the villages and sell them to the market. Through this kind of business, my husband is earning good money, and I also have a good income from poultry and goat keeping. Now, we don’t have financial problems. We can manage all the family expenses. We are being self-sustaining by the TCD Income Generation programme.” 


In April, the Ramantar Village families attended meetings with the TCD committees and Income Generation groups to discuss TCD projects.


Income Generation - We used our Seed Money wisely, step-by-step, among the village family members who want to do Income Generation. I taught villagers to get involved in income work and to be financially sustainable. This month, I taught some about the beekeeping business. Through beekeeping, they can raise their family income significantly. They have now learnt the importance of the beekeeping business in order to be sustainable. Not only beekeeping, but I have continued teaching them to be involved in other Income Generation work, as well.


Wellness - I taught village families to get the polio vaccine for children under 15-year-old. Also, I talked about taking the COVID-19 vaccine to those who have still not been vaccinated. I taught village children about sanitation, hand washing, and keeping their bodies clean.


Water - When visiting people, I taught them to use safe water and keep it in a clean, covered water pot. We have also cleaned our water sources in the village.


Food - We continue to teach the villagers to be safe with food in their kitchen. Many have to buy food from the market. I taught them how to produce food and encouraged them to grow vegetables in their own farm. 


Education - This month, we distributed snacks to every child in the village who attends school. To encourage them to go to school, we do this kind of distribution through the TCD committee, and other well-wishers. We are teaching TCD lessons to the children as they can learn as well. Children are very happy with our programme and parents are also very thankful to GHNI.


Thank you!



*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Raadha" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.