Income Generation is a Hot Topic!

Chainpur Village, Nepal


This May, in  Chainapur Village, we had two Transformational Community Development (TCD) committee meetings, and discussed Seed Money and Income Generation. We also talked about other problems of committee members and Income Generation. Some Income Generation members faced problems of loss because of diseases. The chickens died and the goats were sick. So, we tried to solve their problems by giving them ideas and encouraging them to continue their work. I taught them about the health and curing of sick animals and giving the animals medicine according to veterinary doctors. I also taught the TCD Committee about their duties and responsibilities in the community to carry out the TCD programme. I am very happy because the TCD committee is very positive, active, and responsible.


This month, during the election time, they were united and voted for a good leader. Now, he became the local Municipality President. He knows us well and is a good person, and also belongs to the Chepang tribe. We hope he will work for the Chepang community and also help TCD to develop. 


I taught villagers about the diseases that happen because of dirty Water. So, I've taught the villagers to drink safe Water and eat nutritional foods. The villagers should eat and feed their children according to the season. I taught villagers by visiting them house-to-house about diarrhoea, cough, fever, and TB. I tried to share with them all five sectors of TCD: Education, Food, Water, Income Generation, and Wellness. With the help of Seed Money, I got the chance to work among three new families. 


I've been teaching the villagers how to bring unity to the community. They have to cooperate with each other and love each other. If someone becomes ill, the community should come together to help him or her. Every TCD teaching and programme is well received by the community. I encouraged children not to leave school but to continue their studies in school. Many poor children do not have enough money for school fees, uniforms, bags, copies, or books. We are seeking funds for these needs.


Success Story

Liswini* and her husband live in Chainapur Village with their son. Liswini lacks many basic necessities because her family had no income sources. She had no chickens. Her husband does labour work, they don't have a good income. When she came to TCD, she learnt about Income Generation work, but she had no money to start a business. She waited two years to get TCD Seed Money. And finally, this year, TCD provided her Seed Money and she bought goats and started raising them. Liswini is happy now because of her goats and she has great hopes of success in Income Generation. She faithfully comes to the TCD classes and has become very active since attending TCD lessons. She said that she will never give up her goat keeping but will expand her business. Though she just started this year, Liswini thinks starting is her success, and she is very thankful to GHNI.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Liswini" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.