Income Generation Sparks New Hope

MH Village*, Myanmar


The community initiatives towards a redevelopment programme after a few years of political instability in the area is impressive. The community has developed a sense to help themselves even in difficult situations. The idea of the community development plan would create Income Generation for families through agriculture. The active initiative of the community and strong leadership has encouraged GHNI to contribute some capital to run the programme. 


As a first batch of the programme, 27 households will implement the programme under the leadership of the Village Committee. Currently, they are preparing the land and it will be ready for planting in a few weeks. All the paperwork has been done between the beneficiaries and the committee. They are all very excited and encouraged about this programme. Our champion said, “The community now has new hope as we begin the redevelopment programme that suits the community in this situation. The leadership structure has been formed systematically to make sure that the programme achieves its goals. We are thankful to GHNI for your partnership and being resourceful for our community.”


Thank you,



*For the purposes of safety, “MH Village,” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.