Income Generation Success Stories

Ahumbe Village, Nigeria


We have success stories from some Ahumbe villagers who have benefitted from the Income Generation initiatives of Transformational Community Development (TCD) within the last two years. Enoch is one of the beneficiaries. He received funds in March 2021 to purchase a motorcycle for commercial transportation. Enoch, a student of Benue State University, recently shared with our TCD worker Moses that, before he got the funds, he used to beg for money to pay his bills. He said the motorcycle transportation business now enables him to Generate Income to fund his Education and help his family financially. 


At the peak of COVID-19, many businesses closed and could not reopen to date. Also, insecurity became aggravated country-wide and in Benue state (where Ahumbe Village is located), as farms and farmers were attacked by armed bandits. The situation led to thousands of farmers abandoning their farms. The ripple effect of COVID-19 and bandit attacks led to economic hardships and food scarcity for the majority of the people in Benue State. Ahumbe locals, including Enoch, experienced many hardships. GHNI stepped in to offer help and hope to Enoch and several others, by offering relief materials and funds for business. 


Enoch is grateful for TCD that places emphasis on Income Generation in order to improve villagers’ well-being. He is thankful to GHNI for helping him achieve such a remarkable economic transformation. 


Lessons on proper handwashing are always relevant and cannot be overemphasised, as it is a known fact that a lot of diseases are spread through poor hand hygiene. Armed with this knowledge, Moses invested time within this past quarter to educate primary school pupils on the importance of handwashing, backed up by practical demonstrations. The pupils, especially the new intakes, displayed enthusiasm about making it a habit and transferring the knowledge to their friends and family. We are hopeful that this TCD activity will translate into improved healthy living for children in Ahumbe Village and its cluster. 


Thank you,

GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader