Increasing Income Opportunities

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


In the month of August, a man named *Manvay said he would challenge himself to earn more than 1,500 rupees per month (about $210). So, he built a saloon (barber shop) beside the road. During the month of July, after he finished with his field work, he started concentrating on his saloon. He will run it full time after he makes his saloon look good.

In the month of July, we learned how to clean seeds. Having already sowed the good seeds, we are seeing a very good result.


*Eesha has now started believing that she can do this process every time and that she doesn’t need to go to the dealer to buy the seeds. Eesha can do it on her own and she will make a good harvest.


In Dhoker Jhara Village, ladies are being trained to make some fast food, which they will sell in the market to earn some money.




*For the purposes of wellbeing and safety, “Manvay” and “Eesha” are pseudonyms for indviduals being helped by this project.