Blog: India

Changing Old Perceptions

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


This past quarter, villagers in Dhoker Jhara have been working hard on income generation.  Among them, Mohit, started a men’s hair salon. He had been afraid to run his own salon because people used to say that tribal villagers are not allowed to cut hair. Only some castes could cut hair. After education, villagers now understand that anyone may open a salon. By seeing Mohit’s example, other villagers were encouraged to increase their income generation.


Breaking Barriers to Change

Kharibari Village, India


Last quarter, we pursued practical work in Kharibari Village. We had already installed one street light in the middle of the village and were getting ready for another one, but one panchayat member suggested we approach the local MLA for solar lights instead. So, one fine evening, the villagers got together to write an application for solar lights, along with a culvert for the village.


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Modernizing Threshing

Healthier Oil from Their Crops

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


This November, farmers of Dhoker Jhara Village focused on a new crop option. Since the climatic conditions were not good this year, productivity of rice had fallen. Villagers were advised to grow mustard in large amounts.


Sports Day Opens Doors

Binodpur Village, India


First of all, I would like to thank you for your sincere support. It’s a great privilege to work with GHNI, and I am really grateful for the Transformational Community Development (TCD) program. TCD is giving hope to the hopeless and providing holistic development for our society.