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Encouraging Education

Implementing Lessons Learned

Kharibari, India


As peak season for paddy cultivation, July was a really busy month for the villagers of Kharibari Village. This is the one crop they cultivate every year due to the abundance of rain. Usually, preparation by ploughing the land begins in the month of June and planting of the paddy goes on till the end of July.


Open to New Techniques

Jatapara Village, India


In Jatapara Village, every July is the month people plant their crops. Also during this time, almost every village in Jharkhand farms their crops. In Jhopa Village, we completed our farming within just one month. Before, it usually took two months, but because of new technology and techniques, we did this work in very less time. When farmers used oxen or bull to plough fields, it took a lot of time and farmers grew tired very quickly.


Understanding Benefits of Toilet Rooms

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


Although we have been teaching health and hygiene lessons about using clean water and having a balanced diet, the one thing we always find difficult to help them understand is the importance of using the toilet. Therefore, this quarter, we focused on health awareness and especially about using the toilet rooms. We already have 30 toilet rooms in the village provided by the government three months ago.


Applying New Techniques

Seeking Better Health

Hoogly Village, India


I am very glad to inform you of our progress here in Hoogly Village. As mentioned before, I am mostly involved among two different people groups teaching about health and hygiene. One group resides at a place they call Camp. These people mostly migrated from Bangladesh and began staying in this refugee camp. Since then, the place has been known as Camp. The other location is where people live beside a railway track.


Gardening for Profit

Spreading the TCD Vision