Blog: India

Fish Farming for Income Generation

Jatapara Village, India

This month, we discussed various options and planned our future initiative when we had the opportunity to meet with our Regional Field Leader, Sushil. It was decided to work separately on the agricultural field and the animal husbandry field, with a targeted deadline. This planning meeting really helped us to boost our work.

Farming Within Their Strengths

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

This month, we had an opportunity to meet with our Regional Field Leader, Sushil. We decided to work in a specific manner in order to get a better picture of our success or failure. We now have better steps to initiate. Deciding this, we started working toward deadlines for each of our targeted work areas.

Announcing New Project in Hoogly Village!

Hoogly Village, India

Run to win! That's what the residents of Uttarpara did. Toddlers to grannies, they all participated in the sports day, which was organized among the community of Uttarpara, Hoogly, West Bengal. Partnering with people in the community, Bapi from Hoogly Village took the initiative to conduct a sports day, where he engaged all the people in all kinds of ways.

Cultivating Year-round Crops

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

This month we spent time teaching the villagers about saving money to invest in their crops. Since all the villagers were busy in their rice fields, only part of the committee met to discuss our next steps.

Rains Bring Better Crops and Fishing

Jatapara Village, India

July is the month when major seasonal crops like rice are grown throughout the country. Since it rained sufficiently this year for a long time, almost all the villagers are busy in their crop fields. We took this opportunity to give them knowledge and ideas about cropping, besides their traditional cropping techniques.

Building Trust to End Extreme Poverty

Jatapara Village, India

The last few months were remarkable for us! We taught and learned many things. Progress had been going very slowly during previous months.

Family Fisheries Boost Income in a Rural Indian Village

Jatapara is a tiny village in the hard-rock terrain of northeastern India’s Jharkhand State, Dumka District, where wooded hillocks ripple through valleys and over ridges before they swell into mountains. 

But that verdant landscape, stunning to behold, is anathema to successful agriculture, for though rivers abound, their acidity, low retention factor and erosive power spoil the soil, robbing it of fertility.

Working in Unity

Jatapara Village, India

Last month, we raised awareness about contaminated water. Now they understand and are drinking pure water again. Some of my friends came from Kolkata to our location, and we did a unique experiment to raise awareness. We gathered children and started playing with them. Seeing this, older persons took an interest in us. By doing this, we taught them the importance of living in unity.