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Effective Drainage

Resolved to Change

Kharibari Village, India


During our committee training in May through June, the committee had settled on three resolutions for the village, which were (A) install one more street light in the village, (B) write an application for construction of a culvert in the village, and (C) ensure that all the children of the village go to school and study at home in the evening.


Disaster Relief for India Flood Victims

India is experiencing some of its most devastating floods in history, with nearly 

Change is Essential

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

We as a community are doing well. We were facing issues related to whether the seeds we sowed were good. Villagers are still using the same methods they were taught from their ancestors, so they were not getting the best result. This led to lack of proper harvesting. Half of the seeds didn’t even grow after lots of hard work, so now change is essential. So this time, villagers were taught to use the good seeds.

Working on Unity

Kharibari Village, India

In Khairbari Village, we have been focusing on cultivating healthy lifestyles and we succeeded, to some extent, but villagers sometimes go back to their old habits. After that, we have planned to prioritize some of the most urgent work in the village, like making proper drainage before the arrival of monsoon, making a garbage crate in every house, and making a proper and well-arranged place for washing utensils, drying utensils, and bathing.