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Representing the Poor

Jatapara Village, India


Jatapara Village is very grateful towards GHNI, as villagers never thought of achieving many things on their own regarding clean water and healthy food. Last year, villagers learned many things about living a healthy life. Nowadays, villagers have started raising their voice if they see something wrong done against them because now they know their rights.


Initiating a Goat Loan Program

Kharibari Village, India


As the whole world celebrated the arrival of the New Year, we started the year with a new zeal to achieve something this year. We are continuing our learning sessions with the villagers, though it is noticed that they tend to forget whatever is taught as times passes by. So, we are revisiting a few lessons.


Growing in Knowledge

An Amazing Outcome

Growing in Unity

Overcoming Obstacles

Hoogly Village, India


Today, I am going to write about a young man whose name is Utpal. He is a 22-year-old student. His father died when Utpal was very young. He was placed in an orphanage because his mother could not afford to care for him. He grew up in the orphanage and did his schooling there. Because his financial condition was extremely bad, it’s amazing that he somehow managed to afford his study. Utpal never got a chance to learn computer because it’s expensive.


Larger Scale Farming