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Honing Hairdressing Skills

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


We are focusing on every aspect of life and trying to give our best. After cleanliness, clean water, and developing good healthy habits, we are now thinking about good looks. Villagers have the mentality that looking good and presentable is not important for them, but this time, we are making an effort to help them think along this line—“have a good look.”

Mushroom Cultivation Spreads

Kharibari Village, India


Last month we did another training on mushroom cultivation in Chalsa Village after Khairbari Village, where ten participants from different tea gardens, like Dangee, Soongachi, Bhagatpur, and Grassmore, participated. In the coming days, many of them are going to adopt this cultivation for livelihood.


Harnessing Irrigation

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

In Dhoker Jhara Village, villagers are growing mustard these days, after the successful cultivation of mustard last year. They are growing it in big amounts this year to get more profit from the market. Everyone is realizing the need for water, especially this season. It’s hard to carry the water from river to the high ground where they grow mustard.


New Techniques Applied

Jatapara Village, India


The farmers of Jatapara Village celebrated a very plentiful harvest. There are definite techniques to farming in this village (step farming of upper, middle, and lower). Unfortunately, some farmers like Govind sowed the wrong seed in the wrong field, causing difficulty in reaping a harvest and resulted in rotten paddies.


Adopting Healthy Habits

Kharibari Village, India


Last quarter was sowing season, which lasted from July until August. During this season, the villagers were very busy sowing, so we didn’t do any major Transformational Community Development (TCD) activities but continued the weekly training classes. I mostly focused on health and hygiene lessons, which was the need of the moment.


Making a Way