Innovative Thinking Improves Hygiene

Gem Village, Kenya


Transformation is a long process that starts with an individual and extends to the entire community. GHNI took some fundamental needs as tools for transformation. In particular, GHNI focused on wellness and had this play a pivotal role in helping the community transform. As a result, the lives of residents took a positive twist. GHNI’s training sessions have broadened villagers’ awareness and given them new and useful ideas for their daily activities.


Mama Alepa is one of the many women in the Transformational Community Development (TCD) program and has become a role model to many mothers. She is one of the active Community Health Workers (CHW) and has used the TCD lessons to make real and practical change in her community. She constructed her own toilet with a hand wash container in front of the toilet. Her innovation was eagerly welcomed by onlookers who, in turn, followed her example and made their own toilets. The community members used locally available materials to build their toilets and also put the hand washing container in front of the toilet so that the children would wash their hands after using the toilet. Mama Alepa is now testifying that the level of hygiene in the village has improved, the rate of germ-related diseases has significantly decreased, and villagers have learned some preventive measures. She is so thankful to GHNI for sharpening their minds with useful information that eventually helped them change how they live.