An Inspiring Changed Life!

Shambani Village, Kenya


Now a 74-year-old widow, Mama Amathe was a mother of five, three girls and two boys. Three of her children succumbed to illnesses, leaving their children in her care. Life has not been easy on her and has never treated her well since she lost her husband. Mama Amathe had no other option but to bring up her children all alone.


In her old age, Mama Amathe had to raise her grandchildren, who were left orphans. For a long time, she scratched whatever she could get from every corner, just to put bread on the table, even if it meant begging on the street. She did it but never liked being a beggar.


Then Mama Amathe heard of our Widows Group in Shambani Village and attended one of the group meetings. She needed more help and attention compared to them all, and it seemed difficult for her to pay back any loan that might be offered.


Mama Amathe argued that her age had nothing to do with her generating income if she had a boost for a start. She challenged the group to involve her and try her with a small amount. She won her argument and was boosted. To the surprise of many, she did better than some who were already in the group. It was a big challenge to them!


Today, Mama Amathe is no longer a beggar in town but an example that many learn and gather hope from to rise up and give life another chance. She has become an icon in the village!