Inspiring Others Through Hard Work

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI has changed the attitude and lifestyle of the Turkana community in this village. Before GHNI came to Gem Village, villagers were so desperate and destitute. They were dying of hunger and the poverty level was so high that they did not believe they would be able to create jobs to meet the needs of their community. As the saying goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” A majority of parents and youth fell into dangerous drug abuse and prostitution in a nearby town. Some of the drugs were even locally made. This pathetic kind of lifestyle makes them vulnerable and at a high risk of contracting and transmitting diseases such as HIV/AIDS.


Luckily enough, GHNI came into this village and rescued them from some of the dangerous behaviors that have had a negative impact on their life for a long time. GHNI came up with a plan after they visited and assessed what could be done within the area to improve the residents’ livelihood. GHNI came up with a project to coach and train a targeted group of villagers who could develop businesses in the village. GHNI trained and educated this group on how to succeed in developing and running their businesses.


GHNI’s initiative changed so many lives and had such a positive impact on all of Gem Village. One woman, Mama Aspiter, was thrilled as she was raised out of poverty with the GHNI loan. She successfully started buying and selling goats locally and made a profit. As they say, “little by little fills an ocean.” Mama Aspiter began to profit from her business and eventually she became one of the wealthiest people in the country. Her commitment, sacrifice, and devotion made her a role model to others who now wish to emulate her so that they may also realize their full potential in community building. Mama Aspiter is so grateful to the GHNI team for the mercy and assistance given to her because they have positively changed her life.