Inspiring Sustainable Communities Through TCD Principles

Paletwa TCD Expansion, Myanmar


It has been almost four months after we finished Transformational Community Development (TCD) training in Yone Taw Village. *Nyunt, our main contact person and also a volunteer TCD worker from the village, shared that the participants never stop trying to accomplish what they have learnt from the training, even though they have some limitations as the idea is still new to almost all the participants and the unity has always been an issue for them. Their very first seed project was collecting trash to keep the environment clean and they applied it on the last day of TCD training. They got the attention of other villagers and later they started educating them to throw trash in the trash bins. As it should be an ongoing practice, the participants were able to clean the trash in the village several times and were able to put the trash bins and bags in public areas. They also made signposts that said to keep the environment clean so that people from the community will follow their example. 


The community also plans to build a concrete pathway in the village. In the past, they were expecting some donors and organisations to come and raise support to fix that muddy pathway. In the rainy season, the mud becomes thick and very slippery so they can’t ride bicycles or motorbikes and can only walk barefoot or with rubber boots. They waited for years to complete this crucial project as it is a main pathway for children and adults. Now they decided not to expect assistance from outsiders. Instead, they are putting TCD sustainability principles into practice by looking for ways to do more with what they have. 


In the past, they have a micro loan project but villagers were not able to return the interest and the loan. The project was not successful. But after the village leaders learnt from TCD and heard from us about another TCD village which was successful in that same project, they were able to manage to get back the loans with interest. Now they can plan to build the concrete pathway with the interest money.  


Last December, a TCD partner called me and shared with me that some people from surrounding villages came to their house and said, “We noticed that something good is happening in your village. What is the cause? We saw the word TCD at the signpost. What is that? If TCD makes good things in your village, we also want TCD in our village.”  We didn’t expect to see the impact to nearby villages in this short time because Yone Taw Village itself has been facing many challenges to become a TCD model village. Yet in this short time, they have been encouraged by the positive changes they’ve experienced from TCD. 


Future plans include a school screening at the village elementary school this month and to educate the villagers on Health and Wellness awareness. We also plan to have a TCD training with the people from nearby villages who are interested to have TCD in their village. Finally, we are looking to help build the concrete pathway through the village.


TCD Update    

  • Income Generation - They were able to manage to get back the loans and interest from Mya Sein Yaung Project that was supported by other NGOs but run by the village leaders. It failed in the past and now since they applied the principles from TCD, they solved the problem together. 
  • Wellness - To prevent sickness and have better health, they keep the village clean by cleaning the public areas together and encouraging families to keep their house clean by putting trash bags and signposts in public areas.


Thank you!




*For purposes of security, “Nyunt” is a pseudonym for the person being helped by this project.