Insurmountable Task Completed through Working Together

*BT Village, Nepal

We had a field visit to BT Village, where we’ve started Transformational Community Development, and worked on wells. People told us they couldn’t complete the work because of the rainy season. When the dry season comes, they start work.

One of the wells was open and seemed very dangerous. It was deep and collapsed because it was hand dug and the technician was scared to go inside to finish it.

Another factor was that they lack money. The community labored hard and sacrificed their time, work, and resources to double what GHNI contributed. If they had not invested their resources, this project would not have been completed.

We also visited a new area, *KT Village. There was a huge group at their community school: School children, teachers, parents, and farmers. They showed high respect and honor to the GHNI team and were excited to start work, partnering with the school and community.  

Your generosity has already helped begin critical TCD work in BT Village.

Kiran Karki
National Field Leader, Nepal


*For purposes of security and well-being, “BT Village” and "KT Village" are pseudonyms of the villages being helped by this project.