Inter-Tribal Leadership Models Unity

News of a new field leader in Kenya, brought to you by GHNI staff member, Jeff Power, offers a unique twist on unified leadership.

As I've shared on many occasions, one of the biggest challenges to overcoming poverty in the destitute northern villages of Kenya is inter-tribal conflict.

You remember that our beloved Gambella village, along with other Borana tribe villages, was attacked by Turkana tribe villages in 2009. The losses were terrible. But thanks to the patient efforts of the regional government and our GHNI staff, reconciliation was facilitated, and Gambella village is now farming side-by-side with one of the Turkana villages involved in the attacks, Attir village.

We're thrilled how their relationship has the potential to become a beacon of hope in that area.

AND NOW... I want you to meet our first Turkana staff member hired by our GHNI-Kenya team... Christopher!

Christopher is married with four children—two girls and two boys. He has previously been involved in community empowering programs with organisations on a volunteer level, and comes to GHNI with a lot of experience.

Christopher is pictured here on his first day in Attir village, brainstorming with their newly formed food committee.

Now our GHNI-Kenya team has three tribes represented: Borana, Turkana and Meru. Our team wants to be a model of unity to the villages they serve.

I can't wait for my upcoming trip to Kenya to meet Christopher personally.