Internally Displaced Persons Being Helped

Myat Hlae – Rakhine State, Myanmar


Due to the current conflict in the area, many Mro communities in the remote areas had to flee from their villages and took shelter in Myat Hlae village and other camps since early this year. The government has opened up an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp, and it was reported that there are one hundred and five households in the camp. In this hard time, the community leaders had to take responsibility to take care of the victims regarding food, clothes, shelters, healthcare and education for children, etc. The committee leaders were praised because of their effective management and contributions of humanitarian aid to the victims. We are impressed that the leaders are capable and willing to handle this chaos. The township government leaders also visited the camp and contributed aid. They also opened a mobile clinic especially for women and children near the camp to take care of general health issues.


The chief of the township education department and chief of the township administration visited the camp and gave support. Under the management of the community leaders, it was known that children are attending the village school. One of our field TCD trainers said, “This is a critical period to show our love and care to those who are hurting. As they believe that Myat Hlae villagers will take care of them. We could not ignore their problems. In the beginning, it was very difficult and challenging to feed the victims when they came to the village because we did not have extra food for them. But the villagers were willing to share their food with the victims. Now, it is easier as some organisations and private donors bring support for them.”


Since the fighting even got worse in this quarter, the community and the IDP families had to continue to suffer. According to our village leader, “Due to the severe fighting near the village, the villagers cannot go to the forest for work, as they are afraid of soldiers of both sides. We gradually ran out of food in the village. The IDP families have enough food, so far, as long as they received support from different organisations, but the villagers do not receive any support. We don’t even have food for our pigs and chickens.”


Again, I just want to highlight the progress story of the community for this quarterly report regarding the accomplishment of more toilets in the village. As you have heard about all the conflict in the area, it was totally impossible to focus on community works in this situation. Villagers are scared and struggling to live everyday. However, we are so encouraged to see that they were faithful to fulfill their commitment.


During this quarter, another four new toilets have been built again under the sanitation project of GHNI for the purpose of advancing community wellness. It took them more time to finish the work due to the conflict. Since the fighting was getting worse, the level of anxiety and fear of the villagers had risen without knowing what might happen. They could not work for their families or the community. Finally, the commitment drove them to finish the work. The toilets they had built were all concrete and strong, well designed and good quality. The most important point is that the families have received a wellness lesson on the importance of using a toilet by our village trainers and leaders. That ensures us that they surely use the toilet and improve family health. We are thankful for the hard work!


Thank you!