Support Women on International Women's Day



Earlier this week, we showed you some statistics that illustrated the disparity in opportunity between women and men around the world. It can be overwhelming sometimes to address a big, global issue like this, but there's good news:

You can start making a difference right here, right now!


One of GHNI's most successful methods in teaching Transformational Community Development (TCD) to a village is to establish a women's empowerment center. We have opened a women's empowerment center in Nayak, Afghanistan.

In an area where it is culturally unacceptable for women to gather in public, the women's empowerment center provides a safe place for them to build strong relational bonds and learn important skills.

The woman at Nayak have access to health and literacy education, and they can learn skills like sewing and vegetable gardening. Courses are also available in English education, because knowledge of English allows women to expand their economic opportunities, beyond their village.

There are currently 60 students at the Nayak Women's Empowerment Center.


Today, on International Women's Day, will you uplift women and girls in Afghanistan by providing resources to Nayak?